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About us

We are SAASA, a Peruvian company, member of the Grupo Andino Investment Holding (AIH). We provide airport assistance in ramp, cargo and FBO services. Our international cargo warehouse is strategically located within the operational perimeter of the Jorge Chavez International Airport and with direct access to it. We work with the faithful commitment to be the best strategic partner that covers and adapts to all the needs of the aviation industry, guaranteeing effective, fast and 100% safe operations.


To efficiently serve our airline customers to solve all their needs at the airport, ensuring operational excellence and compliance with national and international regulatory standards through comprehensive cargo, ramp and FBO services.


To be a reference for airports in the region by providing effective services for the attention of all airline ground handling needs, thanks to our know-how, proven efficiency and high operational safety standards in ramp and passenger services, as well as our personalized services in the handling of any type of air cargo.

Our core pillars


We are constantly optimizing our operations and we have a highly qualified team with the purpose of bringing our services to the excellence you need and deserve.

Focused on
our customers

We provide effective tailor-made solutions for all our customers' needs, offering services of the highest quality and backed by our experience.


Guarantying efficient services that comply with all regulations is our specialty. The SAASA team is highly qualified to safeguard the safety of all operations.


We have the necessary capacity to meet the required objectives in the established conditions and times. We operate with agility to solve any unforeseen event.

Proximity to
our customers

Our operations are completely transparent and communication with our customers is ensured, so that they are always aware of each of the stages of the process and its effective fulfillment.

Why should you choose us?

Direct access

We are the only operator that does not need to go out on the public road to transfer your cargo between the aircraft and the warehouse (internal GSE road).


We provide agile and fast service that helps you optimize management times. management times.

Competitive rates

The best cost-benefit according to the market.

Customized service

Services tailored to the needs of your project.

Strategic location

Our international cargo warehouse is located within the operational perimeter of Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Large capacity

We have the largest capacity in the market for the handling of active containers.


Our team is highly qualified to meet world-class service standards.

Cadena Logística
Integrada - Andino

Figures that
support our work


m2 for oversized cargo in the primary zone.


m2 for parking, accommodating approximately 95 vehicles + 51 trucks.


m3 for temperature-controlled storage.


m2 for special cargo.


outlets for controlled atmosphere containers.


restrictions for your goods: DGR, oversized and live animals.

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